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The actual number of homicides in Greenfield was 14 during that time period.In any event, crime compounded the migrants' negative impact, Ortiz said, causing some people to move away, leaving Greenfield with foreclosed homes and failed businesses.

Grebmeier said those figures included some Greenfield residents killed in other cities.

Greenfield's police chief Joe Grebmeier says he's an Anglo with a Mexican heart.

He once proclaimed that apartheid-like conditions were prevalent in the Salinas Valley and he would not tolerate them in Greenfield.

The migrants — with their typically shorter stature and darker skin, pre-Hispanic languages and lack of legal immigration documents — stuck out in Greenfield, a city where established immigrants spoke English, had moved up the economic ladder and won their citizenship through birth or naturalisation.

'A light was born for us here': Andres Cruz, a leader of the Trique Indians from Mexico said he is shocked by the sudden shift in attitude of his once welcoming adopted city.

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The migrants, 'invaders from the south', should be deported.