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Then other drivers slowly cruise the streets for a spot, creating gridlock. “You want to free up enough spaces so people don't have to search for a long time for a parking space,” says Kent Hymel, assistant professor of economics at Cal State Northridge. Drivers can check cellphone apps or receive voice-activated information to get real-time parking rates at the curb and in lots.

To fix that problem, some cities now adjust meter rates throughout the day using traffic-detecting sensors or cameras. The meter rates run as low as 50 cents an hour and as high as an hour, and they can be set to rise to an hour.

“Our trained valets will not only park your car in one of our secure lots, they’ll also wash and fuel it.” Luxe, which forms partnerships with parking lots and garages, fills underused spaces.

The valet attendants, contract workers, might arrive via skateboard or scooter.

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There’s at least one app that’ll let you pay for a valet if you happen to not have cash in the bank or the time to get some.