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My motto is, "When life hurts...healing helps." My ideal client is an individual, or family member who is seeking a skilled mental health professional.

I provide a therapeutic environment for my client, that will assist you in navigating through the personal issues that you have been struggling with.""We all face times in our life where it seems we have been thrown a curve ball.

My hope is to help you hear your own voice more clearly and more fully.""We all face times in our life where it seems we have been thrown a curve ball.

We suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a personal crisis. It is these times, when professional counseling and therapy is helpful.

All that we require are the tools to access it.""At times we all struggle with emotional pain that disrupts our lives and keeps us from feeling fully connected with ourselves and others.

My goal in therapy is to provide a safe environment for individuals to explore their feelings and identify their needs while connecting with themselves.

Examining past wounds and current patterns is brave and risky.*Have you or your child's Depression or Anger interfered with family relationships?*Are you concerned with you or your child's lack of Coping Skills to deal with stress?I have been working in the mental health field for 18 years and have experience working with adults with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, relationship stress, body image/eating issues, and post-partum mood disorders.""We can all get lost in the hurt and pain that we encounter in life, and this suffering hides us from our own truth.In these moments it is hard to connect with and embrace our own worthiness and inner wisdom.

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I help teen girls address the following: Cliques * Bullying * Managing peer relationships * High School Stress * Self Esteem * Depression * Anxiety * Sexual Health Education""My goal is to be a source of support and empowerment for women and girls, therapeutically addressing their social and emotional needs.

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