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Every morning at 10, she arrives in her office at the town hall, a large, beige building with a health clinic, offices for the town's three social workers and a 78-year-old mayor who delegates all the work to Gairanod.

In many cases, though, adults don't see anything particularly objectionable about posing in front of the camera.The problem is a product of the unusual confluence of poverty and an excellent digital infrastructure that is especially pronounced in Southeast Asia.In 2013, Asia had 1.3 billion Internet users, the largest number of any region worldwide.The clip shows three girls lying naked on a bed in their hut. The video, shot in Gairanod's city, not far from her office, is three years old.It's February 2014, she says after showing the video.

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She turns her Hyundai onto a gravel path, the only access point to the neighborhood and its 8,200 residents, at around noon.