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Shou dating naked

If you just want to watch (which some do), have a drink and enjoy the spectacle, that's fine.

Its a social club with a girl who will have sex with you, rather than a porn film shoot and no one is rating the size of your cock or whether you've got a gym membership.

I have to know in advance who is attending and who is on the guest list. (emailed after payment for the party is received) if this applies to you.

It would be near to a Northwest London Underground station, then within walking distance from there. There is a first time for everything of course, so if you're new to the gangbang scenario, don't worry, there is no pressure on you to do anything.

The final party at the mansion was bareback/creampies, but I noticed that a good half of the guys still wore condoms which is admirable, so that is probably classed as 'condoms optional'.

I can relate to not liking wearing them, though girls think you are being irresponsible if you request sex without.

I try to book girls who do not have an upper limit as this makes it much easier to put on, but each party is different and depends upon many factors. But mostly because there aren't that many reliable girls who do this and much of my time is taken up with timewasters - my system heads off the timewasting men.

'Pay on the Day' parties are notorious for failing and I would have no idea how many are coming. I would hope that my parties are something people look forward to and are worth keeping a place free in the diary for.However, at this venue, it would actually be more advantageous for people to arrive under their own steam during the evening, rather than as a big group so there is not so much waiting.When you come much later you will find fewer there, but if you are going to be very late, please call to inform me, though you will not be offered half price I'm afraid, you just lose time with the girl. Last minute decisions by you are no help to me in putting the event on.Please write to my GMX email address, which is given in the 'Contact' section and give your first and second names (or assumed names if you prefer).I will then add you to the mailing list for all future parties and an email will then be sent to you roughly 3 weeks before the next party is held, so that you are not missed out.

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That is one of many reasons why each party is different.), but if the girl is happy to do bareback, I will say so in the announcement for the party.

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