Sleep apnea dating sites

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Sleep apnea dating sites

For example, a veteran service-connected with another obstructive respiratory condition such as chronic rhinitis or sinusitis, deviated septum or asthma, among others, may be able to get service-connection for sleep apnea on a secondary basis if they can provide medical evidence and a medical opinion from their doctor that the sleep apnea is "more likely than not" a residual, secondary disability of a service-connected disability.If a veteran is not already service-connected (or entitled to service connection if never claimed) for such a condition to claim the sleep apnea as a secondary condition, or was not diagnosed with a sleep study on active duty, his claim is not well-grounded and will be denied, as no medical evidence exists to link the sleep apnea to active duty service.Many veterans say that sleep apnea wasn't as well understood or diagnosed when they were on active duty, especially when it came to ordering sleep studies.They say they can provide lay statements from spouses or roommates about how they had severe snoring while on active duty.Unfortunately, such statements are not medical evidence, and many people who snore do not have sleep apnea.Some veterans misunderstand the VA disability compensation system and assume they can get compensation for any disability they get diagnosed with, even if years after service, which is not true.

It is always best to understand the claims process and evidence needed to be successful before filing a specific claim, and if you have any questions or need guidance, to seek the counsel of an accredited veterans service officer.

Eventually it got bad enough I went to an allergist.

Between two different allergists (I moved in there), I was being treated for over 4 years for allergies (shots, nasal sprays and antihistamines) with very little results. Of course your doctor who has looked at your entire airway can answer those questions best.

Your nose and sinuses can also be irritated by the air from PAP treatment, which is where mask selection and humidification become important. I used to snore like an Apache helicopter attack, and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.

The dentist knows of my sinus problems, but prescribed a proprietary hybrid oral appliance.

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Sleep apnea is one of the most common conditions veterans want to file a VA disability claim for.

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