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2011; Dileep, 2007), but is rarely examined in tourism literature (Dileep, 2007).

Globally, it is estimated that the tourism industry is responsible for the production of 35 million tonnes of solid waste annually (UNEP and CI, 2003).

Solid waste management in small island tourist communities is often complicated by their isolated geographies and tourism dominated economies, resulting in even greater challenges for ensuring sustainable solid waste management.

This article discusses a case study of the small tourist island of Gili Trawangan, Indonesia that has addressed their long-standing issues of solid waste management through a governance and management approach centered on a multi-stakeholder partnership.

Small island settings and tourism-based economies can further complicate waste management scenarios.

These challenges result from traditional, top-down, regulatory, end of pipe approaches taken in waste management that are largely ineffective (Furedy, 1992; Scheinberg 2004).Many of the world's islands are dependent on tourism as their main source of income.It is therefore imperative that these destinations are managed for long-term viability.With no mark-up fees or additional booking fees, Hotels offers travelers a completely free service to find the best available hotel deals.To book you can visit their website or call the hotel with the contact information below.

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The natural appeal of a destination is typically one of its main tourism related assets, yet the natural environment is also the feature most directly threatened by potential overexploitation.

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