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Informal blogs for singles with impaired sight reveal very limited activity.The most recent post on Vision Aware, for instance, although it comes up first in a search for "dating sites visually impaired" was nine months old. This suggests that dating sites, too, may not have many active members.The sign-up process is free and uncomplicated, asking only for your gender, email address and dating preferences. If you're unable to see these, get an informed opinion from a trusted friend.Disabled Mate.com, as its name declares, is directed to the needs of the disabled.On the other hand, if you’re a mature single looking for a meaningful connection you might want to consider Dating Agency or Just Senior Singles.The important thing is to assess your needs and have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for.

He served as a professor of English at the University of Victoria and was head of freshman English at San Francisco State University.The sign-up process for this site is also free and similarly uncomplicated.In the sign-up process, you supply your gender, email address, and a few particulars as to what you are looking for in a partner (gender and disability, if any).During the sign-up process, you can state that you are visually impaired.Disabled Singles is a site with the same aims and sign-up process as Disabled Mate.com, and it may even be managed by the same company. The sign-up process is identical to that for Disabled

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  1. Talk about family, religion, career and goals just to see where you line up together, and where you don’t. You meet someone and you click, and all of a sudden it seems like a great idea to get a tattoo of each other’s names, or a matching piercing.

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