Speed dating for seniors uk

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Speed dating for seniors uk

One of our frequent over-45 posters just went to a speed dating event, which made me stop to ponder.Some concepts may never quite succeed with our generation.When the time is up - hand in the card (with your number on it). It's like being a comedian, and having 3 minutes to make someone laugh. HHHHMMMMMMMI mean really, these thnigs go for an hour or 2, but is that the end of the evening?If a guy and a gal both gave each other the 3 - give them both the contact info or ........... you go mingle, meet new people.sexes in a Social Atmosphere... maybe not, less you are still shallow minded, and don't make that move.THEN do the face to face questions.------I have two i Pods and use them mostly for personal development ebooks. Musical Chairs went out of fashion a long time ago... Personally a tooth pulling ranks higher on my list of great ideas than speed dating. IN todays world what keeps us closed in, is that we don't have our " basket list" sort of speak..................out and do, and you'll find you're having more fun, laughing much much more, and I can count on the fact you'll probably find someone of interest to date, so don't shun away a chance to meet someone, be it at the market, with a quick 3 second look and smile, or speed dating where you get to look and smile for a full 3 minutes..I am a hard core Apple guy and have been since 1981. Try being yourself for 3 minutes at a time with some new face jumping in front of you... Save your money for the next POF singles cruise gang.. making us look like a Saint Bernard in a wind tunnel.... ................................it ,you might like it! I suppose the actual "date" then would have take place in six months..after you both got out of traction.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I'm wondering if speed dating is one of these concepts.Put everyone in a size appropriate room with a number on them. Both of us said "You're not what I expected." The whole date lasted 2 1/2 minutes.Have a card with all the numbers and a 1 2 3 beside the number. javascript:smilie('')javascript:smilie('')all yee of shallow minds. I can't say I have done the speed dating thing, yet, I can't say I won't either. ok, what's so hard about having some fun meeting people and having 3 minutes to do it in. if she/he laughedwith you, maybe there's a chance you may see each other again, maybe even later in the evening.if I choose to meet someone, I want a little more then 3 mintues to know some info on them. Sure there some women out there that could kick some royal booty, but I think that % is fairly low. I also think speed dating was started in the larger populated areas where hussle and bussle are the main cause for the lack of connections.Here in the country, people get turned off just by the word SPEED! How much can you learn about a person in 3 minutes?

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People have said on these boards time and again that a first date should be "just for coffee" so that it's easy to cut out after a short time. Just say hello, smile a lot and pull out your PDA, they'll get the message.