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Safdie had hoped his diagram would become an opus to affordable housing and prefabrication, but its desirability transformed it into a very successful coop.How can I not order the Oriental Omelette at Byblos Petit Cafe, an Iranian restaurant in the bohemian neighborhood of Plateau Mont-Royal? This popular breakfast spot delivers; perfectly scrambled eggs, sprinkled with cardamon, rose petals and crushed nuts, are paired with sweet bread embedded with traces of black sesame paste, all washed down with a bitter strong tea.8am: Habitat 67 Montreal’s Trudeau Airport staff are barely in place when I disembark from the plane.

The proprietors recently opened a third venue on the same block, Le Vin Papillon, where the menu changes daily on blackboard walls.

The Whitney ended up leasing their iconic Marcel Breuer building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but imagine if they had partnered with The Arch League to create the ACA — the American Center for Architecture.

The architectural community is obsessed with the geodesic dome and its pied piper is Buckminster Fuller.

Situated in a park, on a sliver of an island, the dome peeks through tall trees as we approach by car.

It is both historic and futuristic — a gleaming apparition that has yet to fully take hold.

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I order radishes with a biscuit, shaved celery root, and snow crab.

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  1. I knew things were back to normal when he called around to say that we had an invitation to Buckingham Palace, and then slipped me something that looked like a coupon from the back of a packet of Frosties. A nervous giggle in the coat cupboard gave him away.