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PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH) • Holy Prophet was born in 571 A. • The Umm-ul-Momineen Javeria’s actual name was Barrah. • Prophet not offerd funeral prayer of Khadija due to Allah’s will. • Hazrat Ruqia died on the day of the victory of battle of Badr she was the wife of Usman.

• Home of Hazrat Arqam (RA) used as the centre of secret preaching by the holy prophet. • Hazrat Adam met with Holy Prophet on the first heaven. • Najashi was the king through which Prophet married to Ummay Habiba. • Sauda said about Ayesha “My soul might be in her body” • Hazrat Khadija was the only Ummul Momineen who was not buried in Jannatul Baqi. • Asadullah & Haider-e-Karar were the epithets of Hazrat Ali.

• First man to embrace Islam on the eve of Fatah-e-Makka was Abu Sufyan. • The Hadith, which is transmitted with continuity and enjoys such abundance of narrators that their statement becomes authentic, is called Matwatar.

• Prophet hazrat Noah (AS) known as Shaikh al Anbiya • Aby Ubaiduh Bin Jiirrah was entitled Ameen-ul Ummat. • The dome over the sacred Grave of the holy prophet is known as Gumbad-e-Khizra. • Lady named Zainab tried to poison the Holy Prophet. • Bahira Syrian Christian saint recognized prophet as last prophet. • Prophet with Zaid bin Haris went Taif & stayed for 10 days. • After 18 month at Madina of change of Qibla occurred. • Month of migration was Rabiul Awal • Qiblah now-a-days is called Khana-e-Kaba. • Prophet narrated the event of Miraj first of all to Umm-e-Hani (real sister of Ali) • Prophet was staying at the house of Umme-e-Hani on the night of Miraj. • Prophet led all the prophets in a prayer in miraj at al-Aqsa • Fatima died after 6 Months (age=31,11 A. • Holy prophet labored in the formation of Masjid-e-Quba. • Hazrat Umar formed a parliament, namely Majlis-e-Aam. • Hazrat Ali has the title the gateway to knowledge. • Abdullah ibn Maz’oom:first person buried in Jannatul Baqi. • From amongst the animals, the first animal to be brought back to life will be the Buraaq of Prophet Muhammad.

• At Masjid Al Khaif (Mina) almost 70 prophets are buried. (i.e for 3 years) • Prophet preached openly in 4th Nabvi. • Islamic official seal started on 1st Muharram, 7 A. • At Masjid-e-Nabvi first Muslim University was established. • The first person to make Ijtihaad was Abu Bakr Siddique • Hazrat Abu Zirr Ghaffari is known as the first Dervish. • Jibraeel will be first person questioned on Day of Qiyamat.

• Besides Hazrat Haleema (RA) Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that Umme-e-Aemon is also my mother. • Migration from Mecca to Abyssinia took place in the 7th month of the 5th year of the mission i.e 615 A.d. • Second migration to Abyssinia 101 people with 18 females. • 10th Nabvi was called Aam-ul-Hazan (year of grief). (210 miles) • Makkah conquest occurred in 8th year of Hijra. • The camel driver of Prophet at the fall of Mecca was Usama bin Zaid bin Haris. • Hazrat Usman Bin Talha was the Key holder of Kaaba. • Mosque of Prophet was damaged due to fire in the reign of Motasim Billah. • Baqee Billah revolted against Akbar’s deen-e-Ilahi firstly.

• Hazrat Haleema was the foster mother of Holy Prophet. • First Ghazwah of Islam was Widan (Abwa), fought in 12th month of First Hijrah. • The name Muhamammad was proposed by Abdul Muttalib while the name Ahmed was proposed by Bibi Aminah. • On 27th Rajab, 10 Nabvi the event of Miraj took place. • 1 Lac companions accompanied Prophet at last Hajj. • The flag colour of the Holy Prophet was white and yellow at the time of conquest of Makkah. • Shab-e-Barat is celebrated on the 15th night of Shuban. • First book of Hadith compiled was Muata by Imam Malik. • Mullana Nizam-ud-Din founded the school of Dars-e-Nizamia.

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• Prophet did covert messaging at House of Arkam upto 3 Nabvi. Allah Rasool Muhammad • Prophet performed 1(in10 A. • The first Namaaz to be made Fardh was Tahajjud Namaaz, which was later made Nafil. • The first person sent to spread Islam under the instructions of the Prophet was Mus’ab bin Umair who was sent to Madinah.

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