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Survivalist dating

The Island County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that Katherine Cunningham's Honda Civic was found abandoned on Interstate 5 in Yreka, Calif., roughly 560 miles away from where the 26-year-old's body was found on March 3."The vehicle has been secured as evidence and will be transported back to Island County for processing in the next few days," the sheriff's office said. Militias, gangs of convicts, and rogue soldiers face off in a violent free-for-all as they vie for power. Big cities have been overrun with deformed survivors of the Superpox-99 pandemic. The government is years away from providing even the most basic necessities.Near the headless corpse, investigators discovered a bunker dug into a hillside containing supplies, guns and ammo.DECAPITATED BODY FOUND NEAR REMOTE AMMO-FILLED SURVIVALIST BUNKER IN WASHINGTON, POLICE SAY Autopsy findings determined the 26-year-old woman’s cause of death was “homicidal violence with decapitation,” according to the coroner's office.

Cunningham's remains were found on March 7 on the rural Camano Island, north of Seattle.

To find out about the next book in The Survivalist saga, or to sign up for Dr. What would happen if terrorists detonated a nuclear device high above the United States?

Bradley's FREE Practical Prepper Newsletter, go to When a South Florida golf club is hit with a series of suspicious events on the eve of hosting a big tournament, there's only one man to call. What about if the Sun emitted a large coronal mass ejection that resulted in a damaging geomagnetic storm? Eyes of the Hammer by NY Times Bestselling Author, former Green Beret and West Point Graduate, Bob Mayer, is Exciting and authentic!

Author Mayer, a Green Beret himself, gave me a vivid look at the world of the Army's Special ...

A small-town sheriff's dark past may be the only thing that keeps his town alive...

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With his faithful wolfhound, Bowie, at his side, he crosses paths with desperate refugees, a bloodthirsty hangman, and savage cannibals.

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