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Symantec recommends that SEPM servers download content every 4 hours.

This ensures that Clients receive delta content packages as opposed to full content packages.

A client running Live Update will always request a delta from the Live Update source.

Clients can retrieve Live Update content directly from Symantec or from a locally installed Live Update Server.

This also reduces the size of the content package and needed bandwidth to deploy the content package.

5 Content Distribution and Revision Cont: Another option for deploying content is to use Live Update.

For customers that need to store logs for a set period of time and size is not a factor, Symantec recommends the following configuration: Set Log Limits to and then configure the Number of Days you would like to retain logs (Usually 30 or 60 days is enough).

It should be noted that some developers require you to know what version you are running to get updates.

Below are links to web pages for some of the more popular antivirus programs.

Symantec recommends using Live Update scheduling when content updates need to occur during a certain time window.

When updating content across WAN links or where SEPM servers will not be installed in remote locations with limited bandwidth Symantec recommends the use of Group Update Providers (GUPs).

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