Tamsi sex video

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Tamsi sex video

If one is not prepared to give up these things then he can not advance in spiritual life and if someone is claiming to be a spiritual person but still addicted to some or all of these things then he is a great cheater.

Therefore if we want to be successful in the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra it is essential that we come to the platform of offenseless chanting.I am very glad that you are already interested in the Krishna Consciousness Movement, and you will please chant at least 16 rounds daily, observing the rules and regulations. 10) Attachment to material things while engaged in the practice of chanting.“The four principle rules is that you will refrain from 1) meat-eating or partaking of fish or eggs, 2) illicit sexual connections, 3) intoxication (including cigarettes, coffee and tea) and 4) gambling. 7) Instructing the glories of the Lord’s Name to the unfaithful. “So follow faithfully the above rules and regulations, help your godbrothers and sister in London to propagate Krishna Consciousness, and there is no question that you will all come out successful.Therefore having a bona fide spiritual master and serving him and pleasing him and getting his mercy is essential.Otherwise there can be no advancement in Krishna consciousness.

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The Hare Krishna mantra has the power to connect us with an ever-increasing ocean of transcendental pleasure.

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