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In the episode “Grace Under Pressure,” the character Phil Esterhaus dies while making love to Grace Gardner (a recurring character played by Barbara Babcock), leaving the precinct in shock.

Davis played Jock Ewing, patriarch of the Ewing oil family, and father to J. (Larry Hagman), Gary (Ted Shackelford) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy).

In the show, his character was killed in an unseen traffic accident. Hexum played Mac Harper, a former Marine hired by Dani Reynolds (Jennifer O’Neill) to locate her husband. On October 12, 1984, while joking between scenes, Hexum took a blank-loaded .44 Magnum and pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger.

At the end of the final episode, Sam (Ted Danson) silently pauses to straighten the picture on his way out of the bar.This list, however, deals specifically with a TV series in which an actor dies in real life, and whose character also dies and is written out of the show, with the expectation that the show continues on without them. I’m sure there are probably shows in other countries that had actors die and be written out of the show.Some shows managed a little while, others came to a screeching halt, others have continued on, mostly depending on the role played. I came close to adding Ronnie Barker, but the show he was involved with at the time of his death was a compilation of previous comedy skits with the other Ronnie (Corbett), and technically played himself most of the time.Nicholas played Ernie “Coach” Pantusso, a regular congenial character on “Cheers” for the first three seasons.Colasanto died of a heart ailment February 12, 1985; his last episode was “Cheerio, Cheers.” The hugely successful show continued on for another eight seasons (11 total).

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Rather that write him out of the show immediately, Jock Ewing was kept in the story for another 13 episodes, away in South America exploring for oil.