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Two way video chat adults

Grown-ups with Aspergers may have trouble with organization and seeing the "big picture," often focusing on one aspect of a project or task.

Most are rigid and inflexible, making transitions of any type difficult. Common Careers— Adults on the autism/Asperger continuum have sophisticated skills in certain areas, such as those dealing with numbers or art. Careers that do not rely on short-term memory are better suited for an individual on the spectrum.

and becomes stressed out when asked to eat at an earlier time, this may be indicative of Aspergers.

Unlike adults with autism, however, an individual with Aspergers will probably be able to keep his frustration in check.

Often, the interest in math and science are natural gifts for these children, and the transition from avocation to vocation is usually a seamless one.

Usually, the process of exploring careers needs to be done sooner for Aspies than with other individuals.

Talking with guidance and career counselors is a good idea in order to explore possible options.

"Are there some careers that people with Aspergers Syndrome do well in compared to others?

My son (high functioning) will graduate from high school in a few weeks, and I am feeling a bit concerned about his future.

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Careers in writing are not uncommon for Aspergers individuals.