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However we always had a laugh about the absurdity of our relationship,that we knew our most intimate secrets and fantasies but it was very unlikely anything would ever happen. I was asked to bring my School girl uniform , i had fun trying on what i was going to wear , i wanked wearing a little red thong , shooting my load in undies gives me such a buzz.

On the night i drove to Brighton ,i message my buddy who let me in , we h… John was a friend of mine who the wife had never meet are knew of, we were still in the early stages of mingling with the swinging seen.

I'm late 30s, married to a good man who has a much lower sex drive than me.

I do try to be faithful and keep my wedding vows but sometimes I have a little slip up. We used to work together and always got on well, little bit of flirty banter but nothing more than that. My name is Denise I’m 39 5’ 2” tall a size 10 and 34D, I have been with Mike who is 40 for 10 years.

We got on instantly online, and chatted away about our different situations.

‘Spider’ as he liked to be known was older than I thought and had that typical kind of ex-biker look, tall and broad with muscles you would expect from some … we have been married for more years than i can remember, we when we were still very young D's dad was an ex squadie, and i was still serving at the time we met .The bottom line is that this section of the site is here to allow you the free expression to let your minds run wild.One night I took Karen out for a drink and as I was driving it she wanted to have a good drink and encouraged by me because it gets her horny and she'll do just about anything I ask her.After my sex in the disabled bathroom in Tenerife I had told my husband all … You may care to read my first 2 posts entitled “What I needed was a good teacher” to understand how I began having sex with Sally, a lovely lady nearly 20 years my senior.My problem was that my wife wanted rough sex, which was something I did not feel comfortable with, but Sally had volunteered to teach me as she and her late husband had enjoyed a ‘rough ride’ from time to time.

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She came into the kitchen and following was kevin, now to say my heart raced was an understatement, she explained that he too had been talking to her about the weekend and he suggested we should sit down and chat about it as he left fast after. Although we haven’t swapped or anything like that I let Wendy indulge in a little fetish of hers. Not all are practical when making a kind of risk assessment, but if there is an element of risk it is that we do not offend anyone but can enjoy sex outdoors or in.