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We are defining these helper methods for two reasons: 1) it avoids us embedding our LINQ queries directly in our Controller classes, and 2) it will enable us to more easily adapt our Controller to use dependency injection in the future.The Northwind Data Context helper methods we'll add look like below: To learn more about LINQ and LINQ to SQL, please check out my LINQ to SQL series here.NET MVC framework, and discussed both how it worked as well as how you can handle more advanced URL routing scenarios with it.The third post discussed how Controllers interact with Views, and specifically covered ways you can pass view data from a Controller to a View in order to render a response back to a client.We'll then pass the Category object to the "List" view to render a response from it: When implementing our List view we'll first update our page's code-behind to derive from View Page so that our page's View Data property will be typed to the Category object that was passed by our Controller (Part 3 discusses this more): We'll then implement our like below: The above view renders the Category name at the top of the page, and then renders a bulleted list of the Products within the category.Next to each product in the bulleted list is an "Edit" link. Action Link helper method that I discussed in Part 2 to render a HTML hyperlink (for example: Edit) that when pressed will navigate the user to the "Edit" action. Action Link helper method again at the bottom of the page to render a Add New Product link that when pressed will navigate the user to the "New" action.The first Controller Action method is responsible for sending down the HTML containing the initial form to display.

The second post drilled deep into the URL routing architecture of the ASP.

We'll then use the LINQ to SQL object relational mapper (ORM) built-into .

NET 3.5 to model the Product, Category, and Supplier objects that represent rows in our database tables.

When we visit the /Products/Category/1 URL and do a view-source in the browser, you'll notice that our ASP.

NET MVC application has emitted very clean HTML and URL markup: Let's now implement the "Add New Product" form post functionality of our site.

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