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The last day on which you may change your political affiliation before the closed period is March 31; the first day on which you may change your political affiliation after the closed period is September 1.

You may mail your voter registration application to the State Election Board.

You also may If you need to change your name, your address or your political affiliation, you must fill out another voter registration application form.

You do not become a registered voter until the county election board in the county where you reside has approved your application.

When your application is approved, the county election board will mail a voter identification card to you.

Check with your state or local election office for any questions about who can and cannot vote. elections if you: Every state runs federal and state elections in their own way, as set out in Article I and Article II of the Constitution, including who can and cannot vote.

Use this interactive map to earn more about what type of ID if any is required to vote in your state. Your state and local election offices will have the exact rules for voting in your state.

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If it’s more convenient for you to register elsewhere, you can check with one of these nearby public facilities to see if you can register to vote there: If you’re a U. Every state except North Dakota requires citizens to register if they want to become voters. Vote Foundation to find your state's deadline for registering.

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