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Updating dat files

I understand a lot of this is vague, but I'm not sure where to look to resolve this.Please let me know if there is any other info you need to help with this. Sorry for the delay, I've just come back from holiday Firstly, you don't want to deploy using the method you've outlined above....I would like to have the agents check in around 3 times a day. The update cycle would be spread out during the morning, afternoon, and evening.We are a medium office with about 56 users, and we are adding the servers to Epo soon as well so just checking what what you guys do on your AV update policies.None of our servers can resolve a host name to ip of any workstation (which are located on another subnet) They can resolve the FQDN though... Corporate manages our DNS now so we send our requests out to them, instead of locally, on our own DNS server.Unfortunate I can not access their DNS server so am unable to troubleshoot this much.All of which means, Mc Afee Total Protection won’t slow you down.

You can also trap machines that are turned off at that time, by enabling "run missed task immediately" Cheers Si Thank you for the walkthrough, I am having some issues with the link on Mc Afee's site so unfortunately for now, I'm stuck with 3.6 until I can get ahold of someone from technical support to provide me with a link that works. When I try to sync up with AD to discover all my system it is shown discovering the systems in my server subnet.

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As far as I can tell when I run the autoupdate it is going out to my epo server to grab the definitions as it should, but it doesn't seem like they are updating.

I don't know a whole lot about epo, and was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot this issue to determine what it may be.

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For the AD Sync Task (which will sync your whole AD), you need to create a new Group, call it something like "My Company" (obviously not that !

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