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Multiple regions are optional; you may, for instance, decide to deploy a single Azure Stack instance to meet your business requirements.

However, if you have multiple locations and datacenters, or you need to separate the services you offer for compliance reasons, you can elect to have multiple regions in your solution.

Regions allow you to architect your Azure Stack solution to physically manage the delivery of services and applications in a way that is visibly exposed to your users.

Regions enable you to deliver services with the following factors in mind: Like Azure, many of the capabilities in Azure Stack are region dependent.

In Azure Stack, a scale unit is a defined collection of compute (servers), storage, and networking that represents a unit of capacity expansion, an Azure fault domain, and a homogenous set of hardware.

There are two key categories of Azure Stack deployments, each with many common decisions, but some individual considerations: Customer-owned models (enterprise): For both service provider scenarios, customers may choose to consume Azure services using an existing connection to the provider’s network or provide their own connection to these services.

In most service provider scenarios, the Azure Stack subscription is created, owned, and managed by the service provider, but the customer consumes cloud services by interacting directly with the Azure Stack cloud footprint.

In Azure, regions are service-defined boundaries that help users make decisions about where they host workloads within the public cloud.

Azure Stack brings new flexibility to both enterprises and service providers, by allowing you to define regions based on your organization’s or customer’s needs.

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This content is based on our work with early adopter customers and is not intended to be prescriptive guidance.

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