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Always health-conscious, Los Angeles enjoyed vegan and vegetarian food even when it was confined to tiny shops beside yoga studios or menu items in ethnic restaurants.

The furniture is comfortable first and elegant second, with plump cushions and soft, natural colors.The menu "promotes consciousness and sustainability for the planet" and the names of dishes continues the hippy theme with the "Transformed Tacos" and the "Grateful" bowl of black beans, kale, quinoa, and garlic-tahini sauce.The food is excitingly flavorful and beautifully presented and the menu is extensive, with a nice range of wraps, bowls, sandwiches, and main dishes.The food is as sophisticated as the décor, with original photographs by celebrated rock photographer Jim Marshall on the walls.The menu is not large but everything is seasonal, imaginative, and absolutely delicious.

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Vegan restaurants today come in all versions, from elegant to unassuming little places.