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Wapsex of tanzania only

But by the 1980s the Ujamaa policy proved to be a failure into combating increasing poverty, hunger, and delayed development that Tanzania faced.This led to the 1980s liberalization policy that virtually ended socialism and its spirit within the Tanzania's government.The residential areas are mainly middle to high-income, and some of these are: Temeke is the industrial district of the city, where the manufacturing centers (heavy and light industry) are located.The Port of Dar es Salaam, which is the largest in the country, is found east of Temeke.

The relocation process has not yet been completed, and Dar es Salaam remains Tanzania's primary city.

The Central Business District (locally called "Posta") is located in this district.

It is the transportation hub of the city, as the Julius Nyerere International Airport, Central Railway Station and Tazara Railway Station are all within the district boundaries.

Temeke is believed to have the largest concentration of low-income residents due to industry.

Port officials, military and police officers live there.

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