What does validating identity mean for wireless connection

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Now when we say wired, you understand I'm wired through the router; not directly to the cable modem, right ? To be honest other than a reset like I said I am out of ideas as to what could be causing it as the same issue should affect both connection methods.

At this point all I can do is opt out and throw it open to the other experts and see if they have any ideas. I guess the reset eliminated all my security information. It says in Network Connections that I'm connected to that network; but, it won't "validate" me.

IU Secure authentication servers use USERTrust as their root certificate authority.

You'll need a valid USERTrust primary root certificate in Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) format to validate the IU Secure connection.

Android devices must run Android 2.0 or later to connect to IU Secure.

If it does, then I'm SOL 'cause I don't remember what the original security code was.

UITS recommends that you specify a certificate authority (CA) certificate for IU Secure connections to provide an additional layer of security to your wireless device; for help, see Validating the connection below.

Optionally, depending on your Android version, you can select either Validating your IU Secure wireless connection adds an additional layer of security and ensures the authenticity of an IU Secure wireless access point.

Once that is saved can you then click the Wireless Security link under the Wireless tab and then choose the type of security you wish to use such as WEP then choose 64bit and enter a 10 digit number in the Key1 box (if in doubt just use your 10 digit phone number with area code) then save your changes. I changed the mode to Wireless G only and changed the channel to 1.

After it has saved can you then go back to the wireless window and choose Wirless G only for the Wireless Mode then change the Standard Channel to 1 or 11 and save your settings. Saved settings and restarted computer - ran speed test from 3 different sources.

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Let me know about the reset so I can help you or opt out Thanks Eric Ok, If you go through and resetup the router using the steps I gave you earlier to setup the wireless, then select the channel etc then once it is all saved can you then power cycle the modem router and computer waiting 30 seconds between powering up the devices then let me know what speed you get. The error message says ' Winows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to murphy network"I don't know if you're still around or not; but, I'm exhausted and must get some sleep. Right now my situation with this router is worse that when I started.