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Who is cordell dating now

Then he's going to open a restaurant and that's going to help improve things too." Dayummmm, hold your horses, girl! Related: Blake Gets Into It With Debra Messing On Twitter All that said, Tishomingo has struggled since Blake and Miranda Lambert split up, after she closed down her businesses in town and sold the buildings back to Shelton — so an injection of some celeb lovin' from Gwen couldn't hurt!

Kim Jones, another resident of the town, added: "Blake is trying really hard to make sure our little town doesn't suffer because of their divorce.

Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks bond over being "Chucked".

And then drama explodes between Ne Ne Leakes and Porsha at a charity jewelry show.

He wants it finished in time for their wedding as the ideal gift for Gwen.

It's going to be a place to have some fun when they're not at his ranch. Related: Gwen's Opening Concert Had A LOT Of Empty Seats!

With her divorce finalized Porsha Stewart is moving on!

I think some of our merchants are feeling the strain, but we're confident Blake's going to do something big to bring the town back up." Then again, nobody in town much liked Miranda, at least according to Jeff Burns, the owner of a local gift shop who dished on the singer that left town last year after her split with the country crooner: "Nobody in this town liked Miranda Lambert.

I used to work for her, I was her farm manager and personal assistant. All of us think it has to do with your bringing up.

We reached out to Porsha's conscience for comment -- so far, no word back.

This morning the European Union was announced as the 2012 Nobel peace prize winner.

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It has been an open secret that the challenges currently facing the EU were also taken into account by the awarding panel, whose secretary said the prize was intended to send a message to the European public, urging them "to secure what they have achieved on this continent".

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