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Then, a spell book opens and footage of Max Russo (Jake T. After that, footage of Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) and Jerry Russo (David De Luise) are shown in a cauldron.

After the footage is played, Alex transports them to Times Square, with Alex waving her wand to reveal the title logo and the name of the creator.

Jerry also decides to pass down the Waverly Sub Station to Max one day since he is the only child who is not a wizard anymore.However, it turns out to be a trap made by Gorog to capture the wizards who live in the same floor to make them join the dark side and rule the wizard world.He is defeated and destroyed by Alex, Justin and Max who were using the Power of Three.In "Alex Gives Up", Alex quits the competition, but eventually decides to stay in the competition in "Journey to the Center of Mason" to be with Mason.Before then, Harper tries to get Alex to enjoy life without wizardry.

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While the family wants to stay quiet, Alex believes that they should take action, so she reveals that they are wizards to reporters and tells them that a group of wizards are being held captive by the government.

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