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Her feelings are on the surface and Janine cannot hide her emotions.There is a side to Janine Turner which loves comfort and the easy life, and unless other factors in her chart indicate strong drive and ambition, Turner can be lazy and overly permissive with herself.Her new feature film, Universal's Leave It to Beaver, was the subject of two premiere screenings in Dallas, both benefiting the Janine Turner Foundation, which will fund mentoring and afterschool programs for latchkey schoolchildren. People says she isn't saying who the father is or when the baby is due.Turner, the Northern Exposure alumna, plays the Beav's perfectly serene and serenely perfect mother, June Cleaver. Ronnie Van Zant's voice to live on in Lynyrd Skynyrd's latest album Twenty years after Ronnie Van Zant died in a plane crash, he's singing with his brother Johnny on a new Lynyrd Skynyrd album.The Northern Exposure actress, currently sharing the big screen with Sylvester Stallone, confirms the ''someone special in my life'' is Chicago first baseman Mark Grace. Turner has spent most of her series hiatus in Texas with her family. Event Horizon, with Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, Aug. Actress Janine Turner is pregnant with her first child.

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Janine is rather bossy but does not like to be with people that she can boss around too much. Relationships that are built on mutual respect and emotional freedom are ideal for Turner.

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