Who was aaliyah dating

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Who was aaliyah dating

And, in his first foray into the music business, he started a management company to handle her affairs.When they divorced in 1979, Hankerson abandoned Detroit politics for Los Angeles glamour.Other times they’re the result of ideological stands against the devaluation of artistic output (Joanna Newsom), or cranky nitpicking about audio quality (Neil Young).

It was there that he first met the singer Gladys Knight, who was scheduled to perform while working at a local fundraising benefit. The taciturn, serious Hankerson viewed Knight as a “pampered singer,” according to a January 1975 magazine cover story.Aaliyah was 14 when the song was released; Kelly was 27.On August 31, 1994, they were secretly married, with Aaliyah claiming to be 18 on the marriage certificate.Kelly, at the time the most popular R&B singer in the world, was too valuable.In 1996, after striking a distribution deal with Atlantic Records, Hankerson moved Blackground—and Aaliyah—from Jive to Atlantic, gaining full control of her masters in the process.

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Hankerson began to use Knight’s connections and capitalize on her celebrity.