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Wow chat sex script

Jerry: Jill's father is in the hospital and you call to ask about him on a cell phone?

It's like saying "I don't want to take up any of my important time in my home so I'll just get it out of the way on the street." George: On-the-street cell-phone call is the lowest phone call you can make.

Start it off on Wednesday night, build up an audience.

Jerry: It's like going out with someone and you never hear from them again.

Jerry: That's usually the kind of mood I'm in when I haven't showered.

George: Jay Crespi, how am I gonna forget Jay Crespi? Kimbrough: Nice to meet you, pleasure, thanks for coming in.

Kimbrough: Why don't we sit down, glad you're here. Some day out there - You ever see weather like that?

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[Jerry and George enter Jerry's apartment] George: Boy - I'm really surprised at Elaine - that whole phone business - she should know better than that.