Wow patch 5 0 not updating

Posted by / 03-Apr-2020 16:01

*Made the item icon at the top of the Auctioning AH tab while posting/canceling clickable. *Fixed reset scan not selecting proper row after buying an auction.*Scans with large filters should no longer cause interface lag while the results are beeing processed. *Taking advantage of TSMAPI: Is Player() for better connected realm support. v2.3 *Added keep quantity to Auctioning operations (including relationship support).*Ignore Soulbound items for auctioning bankui functions.v2.4.2 *Updated for patch 6.0.2 v2.4.1 *Fixed lua error with post / cancel scan caused by new blacklist code. v3.0.10 *Using new APIs added to core TSM addon to workaround Blizzard's item caching issues. v3.0.4 *Fixed issue with item auctions not properly updating.

*Fixed a bug with posting more than one stack worth of an item.

*Added a "Smart group creation" option to the top "Options" page. *Posting a large number of auctions should no longer freeze the game client for a few seconds after hitting the "Post" icon.

*Fixed a bug with items posted at % fallbacks being incorrectly canceled. v0.1.12 *Added a config button to post / cancel frames.

v3.0.12 *Fixed some slowness with evaluating prices. v3.0.6 *Added two new module APIs for third-party addons to use.

v3.0.13 *Fixed issue where moving random enchant / staged items were treated as base items.

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*Fixed visual issue with log tooltip for reset scan.