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It is a grave violation of professional ethics, and calls into question personal ethics as well.

The truth is long overdue, as is recognition and meaningful assistance for partners and family members.

While there is an abundance of information and support available for people with AS, there is not nearly enough for their partners and families, nor is most of what is available accurate or meaningful.

People with AS have significant impairments in their abilities to recognize the thoughts and feelings of others and to connect emotionally.

Hey Doc, I’ve been reading your blog for about half a year now, as well as your new book on surviving relationships, and I gotta thank you for your pearls of wisdom, you’ve led me from not knowing the first thing about flirting to being in my first real relationship.

Which is where I’m at […] Hi Doc- I’ve written you before and found your advice to be quite helpful!

I recently connected with someone I’ve met briefly in the past over a dating app and hit off the conversation with her. We set up a […] What is it that makes one person creepy and another person attractive? have a problem with disappearing and I think I need the Chair Leg of Truth.First, I started reading your stuff about a year ago, and it’s been a big help to me.I do have some issues that I’d like to ask about though, but I should probably start with some backstory.People with AS should disclose their diagnosis if they are aware of it, and we should have access to accurate information about how this and other autism spectrum disorders affect others.It would enable all of us to avoid a lot of unnecessary pain and trauma.

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Because people with AS are unable to have insight into their relational and communication deficits and how those deficits affect others, they will oppose the information on this site.