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If this the only picture type on the profile its a good indicator the girl is playful and sexual but like the profile picture from above this angle is used to make the body look thinner and more streamlined. This could be a party girl someone who likes to play and they dont care who knows it.If you like a woman with curves with a playful side this might be the one for you. They are confident and like to take charge and give the guy the illusion that they have the control.Either she does not consider herself to be pretty or she is not what is considered by society to be pleasing to the eye.Either way she is probably hiding the fact of what she looks likes in the fear that no one would want to meet her.This is an acceptable picture to post only if they post a full body picture some were else in the profile.But usually if the main picture of this person is from an extreme above angle there will not be any other kind of pictures available on there profile.And if you do have a average and basic understanding of computers you and this one will probably not get along anyway. This is usually a style of picture to take of oneself if the person is trying to hide or make themselves look better and make the body look thinner than it actually is.

Yes its great not to be superficial but lets face it, looks do matter especially if you are looking to date.

These are definite party girls they typically are just looking for a good time.

If your looking for a good time and to have just a little bit of fun send a message, the more playful the message the better.

A plunging neckline that shows of just enough to wet the whistle is a good thing.

These types of pictures are usually tasteful and instill a sense of having a slightly playful side; it also shows confidence which in itself is sexy.

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