Xp not updating daylight savings

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I would like to use the feature of Windows XP that allows it to synchronize the time with the Internet.If I manually update the time, the next time Windows syncs with the Internet, it will undo my change.This time zone update will also include changes for other related DST changes and time zone behavior and settings that will take place in 2007 or have taken place since these versions of Windows were originally released.More information can be found here: For Windows 2000: Windows 2000 has passed the end of Mainstream Support and will not be receiving an update without Extended Hotfix Support.

After that, we regard it as 0300 EDT and we're 4 hours behind UTC. What happens at the daylight savings switchover is not that 'the time changes' but 'our offset from the unchanged UTC has changed'.

Location 1: 120 pcs (windows xp & windows 200) , with 1 Active Direcotry Domain Controller on Windows 2003 Standard.

A couple of windows 2000 servers (they up to date) the rest of the servers are Xen or Debian machines (all up to date) , Second location connected through Open VPN link all pc's are running fine - but they are all connecting to our AD domain controller. Both of the routers/firewalls in both locations are p Fsense boxes with ntp service running - but it's up to date.

I opened the time widget, time zone tab, un-selected the "Automatically adjust clock..." clicked apply, then checked the box and clicked apply. Compared to everything else, this is a persnickety annoyance.

If you’ve got some older systems or a new netbook that can’t quite handle Vista , you might be hanging onto Windows XP longer than you thought. Energy Policy Act of 2005, the United States has an extended daylight saving period that lasts 3-4 weeks longer than in years prior to 2007.

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NOTE: Daylight Saving Time (DST) does not apply to the following states/territories: Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Arizona (DST does apply to the Navajo Indian Reservation)For Windows XP: The update for the daylight saving changes for Windows XP can be found at

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