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"It was like that, only a lot worse."Beijing was a drab city at the time, she said.

There was no such thing as a lady of leisure."Zhang utters that last phrase with a hint of derision, but being the hard-headed CEO worth £1.35 doesn't prevent her from taking an obvious pride in being the mother of two boys, aged 10 and 11, a job to which she seems to attach as much importance as running her property empire."I don't do evening business dinners and I don't do weekends," she said, standing in front of framed family pictures that were the nearest thing to clutter in her well-ordered office.

Hollywood may be a bigger pond than Chinese entertainment but it’s undeniable that Zhou Xun is considered one of the best actresses of her generation and a glorious natural beauty to boot.

Four of China’s top actresses are now off the market including Zhou Xun, Gao Yuan Yuan, Tang Wei, and Zhao Wei, leaving only Fang Bing Bing and Li Bing Bing still being glamorous without needing a man around.

Zhang is not, like some Chinese, nostalgic for those Maoist days of equality but she does acknowledge that, in one respect, China's Communist revolution laid the foundation for the success now enjoyed by women like her."Mao did liberate women," she said.

"He said women 'held up half the sky' but in practice women were not half the sky so much as half the strength of China.

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The Chinese A-list actress goddesses are falling like flies this year in terms of getting hitched and off the market.