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CDs are low-cost commodities without serial numbers (unlike paper money) and no other way to identify the previous owner. Used copies are no novelty — Abraham Lincoln earned his license to practice law by studying used books.

I expect any artist that's signed to a major to do far better than any independ- ent artist. I have a catalog of more than 300 songs that's growing every day, of all genres of music.There are also millions of Americans who depend on "used" markets for prac- tically everything — used cars, used cloth- ing, used sports equipment. Used CDs lower the entry price for a budding music fan about to discover a new favorite artist's creation — the fan who can't af Tord the price of a concert ticket and for whom a new CD may be a luxury.The used CDs I buy extend my catalog beyond the collection I stock as new and let me increase the floor space and diverse selection of music I make available to my customers.Instead, 1 believe we have simply been caught up in be- nign efforts to trace stolen goods.Law- makers had the foresight to exclude used books, but failed to exclude used CDs and other media because no one brought it up. Thumbprints, waiting periods and data- bases of customer Social Security num- bers will not pin a CD burglary on the thief. But unless the thief is caught red- handed or attempts to dispose of the loot in bulk, the chance that an isolated used CD at a store across town can be matched to one stolen from my store is virtually nil.

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I wrote my song in 2005 — they just happened to get radio play first.

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