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"The Wheaton Recurrence" sees Stuart pairing up with Wil and a few guys from the comic book store to compete against the guys and Penny in bowling.

His team wins by default because Penny leaves after Wil (once again) manipulates the other team by convincing her to not string Leonard along.

Penny falls asleep as they argue, and the two leave.

He has a second date with Penny later in "The Classified Materials Turbulence" and asks Leonard for advice on how to approach Penny.

Stuart takes advantage of the invitation to take a hot shower in Sheldon's bathroom and ends up singing karaoke with Kripke and Zack.

When an attractive girl named Alice enters the comic book store in "The Good Guy Fluctuation", Stuart tries and fails to ask her out, though she gives her number to Leonard to trade for the comic book Leonard is preparing to buy.

With Raj as his partner, they reach the final match against Stuart and Wil.

Sheldon can easily win, but Wil lies, claiming his grandmother's death prevented him from appearing at said convention, which tugs at Sheldon's heart-strings.

Stuart's first appearance was "The Hofstadter Isotope," where he asked Penny out on a date, not knowing Leonard had feelings for her.Even though Leonard has not exactly picked up a girl in the store, Stuart still takes a picture of him to be put up on the "Wall of Heroes".When Amy visits the comic book store with Sheldon, Stuart, after inquiring about the state of her relationship with Sheldon, asks her out in "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition".The episode folds with the four guys walking into the comic book store dressed like Catwoman (Raj), Batgirl (Howard), Wonder Woman (Sheldon), and Supergirl (Leonard), since they lost the bet to Wheaton and Stuart.In "The Desperation Emanation," Stuart states he is dating a girl he met at a comic convention.

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Leonard deliberately avoids Stuart's request and ultimately gives him bad advice.